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'Flames in geORgia' The latest single

We started laying down tracks in April for this one. I played it live for about a year and it seemed to get a lot of positive attention. The story was resonating with people.  It soon became a top pick for a full-band recording. The song evolved to include horns, strings, drums and bass. It has become one of my favorite recordings. We hope you enjoy the track and the layers within it. Once again, Madalyn Hope did a superb painting for the cover ar


NOV. 2018 - 3 more singles

'Flames in Georgia is our latest release with two more tracks to follow before the end of the year: 'Shattered Heart' and 'Outer Space Rides'. Alex and I have been trying new approaches in the studio to do our best to push the envelope with our sound. I love the direction we're going in and 'Flames in Georgia' feels like the beginning of that transformation with subtle synth sounds blended with acoustic

'More to Me' Music Video

Gypsy Heart

I'm a singer/songwriter/gypsy who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. Writing tunes and coffee have truly been the only constants. I  treat life like an adventure, take risks when I know I need to, slow down when I have to and sing about the world I see though my eyes. Meeting incredible souls along the way has been a perk from the beginning. If I can bring some light into someone's world - I have done my job. 


'More to Me' Music Video

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'Flames in Georgia - January Song



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