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New Single: Lightning

This song is about those moments when we're faced with the decision to keep going or begin in a new direction. Sometimes there is a fine line between giving up and letting go. Surrounding ourselves with the right energy and people can be crucial during these character building moments. The subtle drive of this track carries an emotional intensity to go along with the prominent melodies and harmonies in the song. #nevergiveuponyou 

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About Michael

Michael is a troubadour who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. His vocally driven songs tell an emotional story rooted in a pop foundation and are often surrounded by orchestral textures. "Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor... Gabriel, possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners." Coral Andrews - The Record. Songwriting has been the constant and remains the driving force behind this artist's heartfelt tunes that can carry a timeless sound.

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Gypsy Heart

I'm a singer/songwriter/gypsy, but most of all a human being navigating his way through this wild world. Writing tunes, singing live, highways  and coffee have truly been the only constants in my life. I  treat life like an adventure, take risks when I know I need to, slow down when I have to and sing about the world I see though my eyes. Meeting incredible souls along the way has been a perk from the beginning. If I can bring some light into someone's life - I have done my job. Currently - I'm  playing live in Colorado, licensing my songs for film and TV and recording new tracks.  


'Staring Ceilings' Music Video

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New Single: 'Lightning'


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If you are interested in licensing a song from Michael's catalog or booking him for a show or private function, please send an email.