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We are very excited about our next release. 'Flower Girl' is an uptempo track with a pop rock feel and we want to celebrate/collaborate in a new way. In short - we want you to make a video and send it in. You have complete carte blanche to create whatever you are inspired to do. Lip sync on a mountain top, play air guitar like an 80's musician or just film a bunch of flowers and send it in!


We will watch every submission and splice together the selected videos to create the official 'Flower Girl' video. Everyone will be credited, every submitted video will be posted and numerous videos will be utilized to create the final product. 

If you, your family and/or friends feel like there is nothing to watch on Netfix - take around 5 minutes and record a video for 'Flower Girl'. I think this will be SO MUCH FUN! 

Super Easy Submission Details
1. Email: for the song - Subject heading: Flower Girl
2. Record a video on any device. Keep it somewhat Disney. This will be released online." width="16"/>:)
3. Send it back by June 18 to through any free storage sites - ex: Dropbox, Wetransfer, Hightail, etc...Or - send it through Facebook Messenger.
4. Be the rockstar you already are and have as much fun as you possibly can.

Of course - email me directly with any questions!

We look forward to your creations!


When you are born in the mountains - the need to be surrounded by them never leaves! Still in Colorado and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon. 

It has been exciting to return to film and TV after all the years. I have a local agent and booked my first gig! Most of you know that I have a background in acting but it might come as a surprise to some because I started acting around the time the wheel was invented. 

Working on original tracks in the studio with Alex and the session musicians in Montreal. 'Flower Girl' is SO close to being finished. Not the first time a track took longer to complete than anticipated. 'Flames in Georgia' will be the next single. Thanks to the good people at AccuRadio - 'More to Me' has been added to their HitKast Fresh station. The June Track is 'Penelope Rose' (See below). Also booked some local Denver gigs for the summer. 

Hope you are all living the most life you can! Enjoy June! Thanks for visiting


Made a deal with my heart to follow it wherever it takes me - no matter how uncertain the path seems or how rickety the bridge appears. I'm a singer/songwriter/gypsy who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. Writing tunes and coffee have truly been the only constants and I have never grown bored with them. 

I try to treat life like an adventure, take risks when I know I need to, slow down when I have to and sing about the world I see though my eyes. Meeting incredible souls along the way has been a perk from the beginning. Grateful for the love and support I have in my life. If I can bring some light into someone's world - I have done my job. 

The latest release is  ‘More to Me’ and includes a music video we shot in LA (See below). We released 'Staring Ceilings' before that and shot the video in Ohio. I have several albums, EP's and singles. 

Played concert halls on both sides of the border while traveling in a home on wheels with my orchestral show. Been living on the road for what feels like the majority of my adult life. No stranger to a home cooked a truck stop. Playing solo has also been a regular occurrence over the decades and always allows me to find the coolest stages in town to keep my chops up and try out new material. Recently teamed up with an LA based agency who specializes in film and TV placement.

'more to me' Music Video

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